Phonetics Part 2

From N1BUG ELMER TIP OF THE WEEK: Using Phonetics, Part 2. Last week we looked at use of the phonetic alphabet to communicate anything which must be spelled out: call signs, other mixed letter/number groups, proper names and uncommon words. It was noted that use of standard phonetics is considered good practice. Remember that amateur [...]


Elmer Tip

From one of my good friends and my first Elmer, N1BUG. ELMER TIP OF THE WEEK: Order of Call signs. Convention on which call sign goes first (calling station or station being called) varies by radio service. In amateur radio the call sign of the station transmitting goes last. Let’s look at an example. I [...]

Elmer Tips 

From N1BUG.  ELMER TIP OF THE WEEK: Station Identification Requirements. FCC Regulations require us to give our call sign every ten minutes during a communication and at the end of a communication. Remembering to identify can be a challenge for those coming to amateur radio from unlicensed personal radio services. Of course nervous mistakes happen [...]