Happy New Year 2019

Our second podcast is available now Sacrificial Love. If you missed our first you can find it here.


Call On Momma!

https://youtu.be/37UTH2-Vb_8   During this time of Lent, if you come to realize that: “All the sins of your life seem to be rising up against you. Don’t give up hope! On the contrary, call your holy mother Mary, with the faith and abandonment of a child. She will bring peace to your soul” (The Way, [...]

To Err is Human….

To err is human to really mess up you must be Pope Francis! I don't normally pay much attention to what the Bishop of Rome says but he has said something that is utterly ridiculous and Blasphemous! Bergoglio the Blasphemer…“Pope” Francis: ‘The Church is like Mary and has Flaws’" he must recanto or face the [...]