Revised ARRL Frequency Chart

An updated ARRL frequency chart is now available for printing and downloading at The chart has been updated to include our new bands at 2,200 and 630 meters. Band Charts PDFs: 11x7 Color 8.5x11 Color 8.5x11 Black and White


The Aftermath

Hurricane Irma I was stationed at Melbourne High School for Hurricane Irma, it was one of the hurricane shelters opened by Brevard County. We spent four days in the shelter, where I was the amateur radio operator; relaying information to/from EOC to the shelter manager.  This was the first year that the American Red Cross [...]

Grief Transforms to Opportunity

Everyone in amateur radio, those in the military and those who are history buffs may already know this...but I had to do a little research to confirm something I read on Facebook and it was true read on. Samuel F. B. Morse Artist/Inventor (1791-1872). Samuel F.B. Morse was an accomplished painter before he invented the telegraph [...]