A Humble Request

I normally don’t like turning to ya’ll hat in hand for anything other than prayer. I’m at a point were I’m asking for alms from just about anyone. If you can take a moment and read this https://gofund.me/0d3ed04d I’d appreciate it. If all you are able to do is offer a prayer I’ll take that too.

Please Excuse My Absence

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’ve been dealing with fibro flares and general ill-health of late. I’ve neglected this blog as well as my other hobby (amateur radio).  At the first of the year, I switch health care insurance and now I have a new primary care physician, my first appointment with him this Wednesday (the 12th), he is a D.O. (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, or DOs, are fully licensed physicians who practice in all areas of medicine. Emphasizing a whole-person approach to treatment and care, DOs are trained to listen and partner with their patients to help them get healthy and stay well.)  and not an M.D.; I feel I have better luck seeing DOs.  I have a whole list of things to address with him: my pain levels, not sleeping, more migraines than usual and anxiety et all.

I’m hoping to have things on the mend by the start of Lent so I can write our daily Lenten Devotions that so many of you enjoy, just a reminder that Lent begins February 26th.

My Time At Portia-Game Review

I want to tell you about a game I just started playing recently…what you didn’t know that your bishop enjoys video games…well you learn something new every day! 😉

It is called My Time at Portia by Team17, and I play it on the Nintendo Switch. My Switch Friend Code.  Just a reminder to folks who are here for the first time, all links open in a new window/tab depending on what browser you are using.

This game is similar in nature to Stardew Valley which is why I wanted to try it.  I think it is much better than Stardew Valley, the gameplay/storyline is a bit better, the graphics are fantastic. If you enjoyed Stardew Valley then you will definitely enjoy this game!

I highly recommend it even though Team17 is still working the bugs out it.  Yes the game has some bugs and glitches but it is a new release (at least for the Switch), and they are working on patches and updates for it, but I still enjoy it even with them.

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An Interesting Ride

On Sunday 16 December 2018 I was rushed to hospital and have been admitted to Palm Bay Community Hospital. I collapsed and had three grandmas seizures and three small after shocks and my floor nurse thinks I may have had a small stroke, Snowie thinks that too. I was given morphine, oxygen and IV Keppra.

Monday I saw the neurologist. They started me on Plavix and went to pill form of Keppra. I’ve got reduced feeling on my left side with numbness. I am walking with a walker now. I had an EEG, an echocardiogram and carotid artery ultrasound.

Today, Tuesday I was able to walk the whole unit with the walker. I had a CTA done. The doctors are still unsure if I had a stroke but seem to be leaning that way. I have been officially diagnosed with epilepsy. I cannot drive now for at least six months; Florida law states you have to be seizure free for six months before you can drive again.

They discharged me a little after 4pm. I see my PCP tomorrow. I am home now resting. This is now going to be an interesting adventure going forward. The medical team was incredibly caring and supportive more so than my past visits to that hospital. They educated and explained things well. I’m just glad to be home and not be hooked up to machines and have an alarm on my bed or chair.

Fair Winds and Following Seas to 41

President George Herbert Walker Bush 12 June 1924 – 30 November 2018

Late last night we lost a quiet, humble and courageous leader. George H. W. Bush the Forty-First President of the United States of America, he was 94 years old; and he now joins his beloved Barbra. President Bush and Barbra were married for 73 years.  President Bush had many accomplishments in life, from being part of The Greatest Generation and being a Navy Pilot during WWII to Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, Chairman of the GOP, to being the Director of the CIA,  Envoy to China, our 43rd Vice-President, and our 41st President.  Those titles faded, but the ones ultimately most important to him remained, Husband, Father, and Grandfather.  He cherished his family.

It just seems like yesterday but I remember the Cold War ending, the Berlin Wall falling and visiting Washington D.C. (during the Persian Gulf War aka Operation Desert Storm) for the first time as a young teenager; and looking at the White House and feeling safe because you were holding our nation together.

We are a nation in mourning yet again at you be called to that Heavenly Home; yet we will continue on with the knowledge and resolve that your brief time with us here on earth provided to us many blessings as well as lessons.  Fair winds and following seas, Sir. We have the watch.

Second Visit

I had my second visit with Dr. V on Wednesday. She went over my blood work and it was all good. The lab did rule out Lupus so that is one less diagnosis on my chart! But we traded it for another that goes hand-in-hand with fibromyalgia, Allodynia (pain from touch).

We went over my medication and she increased the gabapentin to 1600mg a day. She also added something for breakthrough pain, Soma. I’ve had a few doses now and I can say it takes the big edge off the pain but if I take it I’m not going anywhere that’s for sure!

I see her again in January!

The Rheumatologist

So I met the rheumatologist today.  She is definitely a good doctor on first impressions, she’s Latina, from Puerto Rico; and is pure spitfire!  I’m going for a round of X-Rays, Lab Work, and I need to have a Sleep Study done.  She agrees 100% that I do indeed have Fibro, though Dr. V. is not fully convinced that I do indeed have Lupus; but she is going to investigate that with some of the lab work.
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The Wait is Nearly Over!

Well, my dear readers I have some encouraging news.  After living in Florida for three years, I finally found a rheumatologist who takes my insurance and is taking new patients!  You’d be surprised how many doctors here are not taking new patients!

Monday morning at 9:30 I will be seeing Dr. Magaly Villafradez-Diaz, M.D., in the Rheumatology department at Omni Health Care. Now prayerfully and hopefully my Lupus, Fibro, and psoriatic arthritis will be properly treated; and maybe just maybe my daily pain can be knocked down a few notches!

Tropical Storm Gordon

We are currently being impacted by Tropical Storm Gordon.

Current Satellite from the Hurricane Center (16:47 local time).

We are on the East edge of the storm, we are in Brevard County,  and will be getting those outer and first inner bands of this storm). Thankfully it will not be a direct hit for us.  Currently, we are overcast with scattered downpours and a light breeze. We have our phones charging, as well as the three handheld transmitters for the Amateur Radio Service, on the 2M/70cm bands.  Power banks are charging as well.  Though I really don’t see much for my area happening.  Gordon is supposed to track into the Gulf of Mexico and make landfall in Alabama.

Keep the Gulf Region in your prayers as experience our first real hit of the season.

Let’s Educate You

First I’d like to thank my good friend Mr. Jim Dunn for the bulk of the information written here.

One of the biggest lies in the world is that if Roe v Wade is overturned it will make abortion illegal. LIE LIE LIE!!!

If Roe v Wade is overturned it will send the issue back to individual states to determine its fate. In other words it will be a state’s right issue.

States like NJ, NY, CT, IL and CA it will remain legal. States like UT, TX, AL might put more restrictions on it.

Do NOT let politicians and the media deceive you. Roe v Wade upheld or overturned will not result in the deaths of millions of women. What will result in the deaths of women, abortion!

What needs to stop is people using murder yes I said murder (See the latest Harvard Law Journal) as a form of birth control!

Whether you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice God will have His say in the end.

Also while I’m at it Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v Wade has come out and said it was all based on a lie and that she “is dedicated to spending the rest of her life undoing the law that bears my name.” She has since died of congestive heart failure.