Husband’s Pay Attention

I normally don't share really personal and intimate things with y'all but I feel this one is important to all married couples. I work hard in both my ministry and secular positions. I work hard so my beautiful wife can stay home and raise Conner and make sure his needs are met. Tonight while I [...]


The Bishop’s Kitty

Here are some YouTube videos we got of Lady Avery Snow.

Let’s Educate You

First I'd like to thank my good friend Mr. Jim Dunn for the bulk of the information written here. One of the biggest lies in the world is that if Roe v Wade is overturned it will make abortion illegal. LIE LIE LIE!!! If Roe v Wade is overturned it will send the issue back [...]

Life is Better with a Cat.

“When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.” - Mark Twain: "An Incident," Who Is Mark Twain? Snowie and I are so overjoyed and honored to introduce to you Miss Avery Snow Tatro, who is the latest addition to our family. Avery is 10 weeks old and has [...]

An American Rant

For years I was a proud conservative Republican. Today's Republican Party has lost its way and has not done the business of the people. Today’s GOP is not the GOP I grew up with, they are a black stain on our Republic. Approximately one year ago I left the Republican party and registered as an [...]

Racism and Politics…Humans

Note from the management of Padre Tatro's Study: Today I'm going to talk about two maybe three hot button issues. The biggest is mental health. We need mental health reform in this nation, more access to it and better treatment of those who suffer from it. I will also touch on racism and politics in [...]

Rick Scott or Write In

I try not to get over political in my writings. Though I needed to take a few moments to address my fellow Floridians. One of my Florida neighbors asked why I’m supporting Rick Scott for Senate (our current governor). Well to put it plainly Bill Nelson is not a friend of the Amateur Radio Community [...]

New Adventures

In the coming weeks, Snowie and I are embarking on a new adventure.  What is this adventure?  It is the adventure to a healthier lifestyle.  We will be changing the way we eat.  We are embarking on the Ketogenic Diet. What is the Ketogenic or Keto Diet? The following information is used with permission from [...]

Home at last.

Well, dear readers, I've spent the last four days in the hospital.  I was rushed to the ER by ambulance Tuesday night, my blood pressure was 140/190.  Initial thoughts by EMS was a heart attack.  Thankfully the stress test and other tests performed ruled that out.  They are still uncertain what made my blood pressure [...]

Pet Peeves

My beloved friend Phil over at wrote about pet peeves the other day. So I'm going to follow his lead. First how do we define pet peeve? Well the Oxford dictionary defines it as "Something that a particular person finds especially annoying." My pet peeves…I have many. These listed below are the tip of [...]


Meet the newest member of the Tatro Family. This is "Trixie" a late model 2017 Kia Forte 5, we took delivery of her on 13th of November and she only had 24 miles on her. Snowie's Murano and my Convertible both decided to give up the ghost about three/four weeks apart. We were blessed to [...]

Anti-Gun Control

Thoughts about gun control from President Ronald Regan: My thoughts on the cries of/for tougher gun control laws. Gun control will not stop criminals from using guns or having guns. Gun control is not the answer. The answer is a better mental health system in this country. The answer is more help for social disorders [...]

A Letter for All Fibro

*From the Archives of Just Us Owls* From Sue a letter written for all of us Fibro-Warriors! Fibromyalgia? Because you asked... Dear Concerned, You’ve recently asked me about fibromyalgia and I’m sure you’re wondering what all the hype is about. While most people have heard of it by now, that doesn’t mean they know what it [...]

The Aftermat

Hurricane IrmaI was stationed at Melbourne High School for Hurricane Irma, it was one of the hurricane shelters opened by the county. We spent four days in the shelter, where I was the amateur radio operator.  This was the first year that the American Red Cross was no longer in charge of the shelters and [...]