The Heart of Dixie

We made it!

We’ve made it to Montgomery as of last week.  Alabama is the heart of Dixie and we couldn’t be more pleased to be here!  We are settling in nicely and rather quickly for the most part.

I’m still slowly getting my office/ham shack set up. We still have some adjusting to do but we are doing well.

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama and for my fellow history buffs is also the site of the first Confederate White House.

I hope to be able to keep up with the Lenten devotions this year, but I do ask forgiveness as I’m still not at 100% yet with my health.  I just wanted to give y’all a quick update because I know y’all must be wondering. Now begins the great tasks of finding a new PCP, Rheumatologist and Neurologist.  I ask that you continue to keep my family and ministry in prayer.  Remember God Loves You and so do I!

Avery approves of the new vicarage.

3 thoughts on “The Heart of Dixie

  1. Padre Tatro & Nicole, Ah, the update! Many thanks to know some of what is going on in your new life. –Getting settled in & getting those important new doctors!!! A prayer every night for you! Phil


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