Calling All Prayer Warriors

Snowie’s Aunt Judy, a wonderful woman.  Is battling both Leukemia and Fibromyalgia.   We got a report today that Aunt Judy’s white count is dangerously low.  I’m calling on all my readers and subscribers to pause for a moment to pray for Mrs. Judy Dobbins.  It would mean the world to Snowie, myself and the Dobbins family if the power of prayer would do its thing!  Cancer is no joke and having fibro on top of it is just one big battle.  Let us be in one accord that Aunt Judy will be healed!

3 thoughts on “Calling All Prayer Warriors

  1. Padre Tatro, Snowie’s Aunt Judy is now on our evening dinner grace prayer list by name. We too all this year have had a close friend suffering through Leukemia treatment with stem cell transplant. Aunt Judy’s Fibromyalgia is such an added burden to bear. We will pray for her into the future days to come. Phil & Geri too

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  2. Padre Tatro & Nicole, Forgive my more recent reference to Aunt Judy as Mary. We pray for you both & Aunt JUDY at our daily grace by name with our prayer list. We have an Aunt Mary on our minds very recently diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor undergoing chemo. Love to you both, Phil


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