Lenten Journey 2017

Lent is vastly approaching us; this year it begins on St. Valentine’s Day. I know most of you my beloved readers look forward to the daily devotional and homily I post during the journey. Are y’all looking forward to it this year? What do you want to see it included.


Author: Padre Tatro

I'm an ordained Anglican minister and a consecrated bishop, as well as a mental health professional. I also have Fibromyalgia and I am an Amateur Radio Operator. My call sign is K1RET.

One thought on “Lenten Journey 2017”

  1. Padre Tatro, Eddie, with your considerations of health & all you are about in life from devotion to “Nicole Snowie,” church, work, ham radio, any courses &/or teaching, etc., go easy on yourself. What about less elaborate, short & modest combined devotional/homily? What if you read & then based on that focus, share one short & simple message? Don’t waste your strength when people move too fast & glance at all your efforts. ——-Even though you know that reaching one soul is worth all your efforts. Phil

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