I Did It!

Thank everyone for your prayers and well wishes. I passed my Element 3 General Exam de KC1FLG/AG!


About Padre Tatro

I'm an ordained Byzantine-Anglican minister and a consecrated bishop, as well as a mental health professional. I also have Fibromyalgia and I am an Amateur Radio Operator. My call sign is KC1FLG.
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3 Responses to I Did It!

  1. Padre Tatro!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great that you get instant results & don’t have to wait! I told you the Lord would pass this test!!! HA! Great going, Eddie! Get on that horn & broadcast or whatever you do! When we were in Vietnam, we could call home by a call to Texas & then somehow ham radio was used to connect to our parents’ home telephone. Thanks for posting the news for us to enjoy your success! Phil

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  2. truthspew says:

    Congrats on going for General! I still have my first technician CSCE from 1992. By 1993 I had my Extra class license, having gone through Tech+, General, Advanced and finally Extra. And I did the element 1C 20WPM Morse code too.

    In fact funny story on how I got the Tech+ , I had picked up Gordon West’s 5WPM study guide and cassettes at Radio Shack (Before their first bankruptcy). Took it and my Aiwa walkman camping.It rained for about 4 days of the 7 day trip and so I practiced. That was my entry to CW.

    73, de KD1S

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