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Alright I know I’ve been pretty quiet the past few months and I do beg your forgiveness; between the High Holy Season of the Church, flooding at home and ever increasing social calendar I’ve been neglecting your my faithful readers and for that I’m very sorry and I’m kicking myself in the rear hard.

Have I kept you in suspense long enough? I think I’ll keep writing nonsense to keep you at the edge of your seat, we clergy are good at doing that don’t you know! ;-)

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A call to Scotland on why we must vote Yes!

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Arthur Seat, the dormant Volcano in my cities centre, Edinburgh

I have started doing a lot of articles and blogs on why I think an independent Scotland is a must for everyone in Scotland. Since I have got involved I hear, read and watch the Yes people, people who will vote yes give real reasons, number crunchers, solid proof it can and will work. From the No voters side all I am hearing seeing and watching is fear and lies.

We are being lied to here in Scotland by many media outlets. I did this blog here about the Propaganda we will get I think so far in the 5 places I put this it has had way over 100,000 reads. I am delighted people are reading it of course but I am more interested in who read it and why than numbers. I am more interested to…

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Wisdom from a Southern-Gentleman & Bishop


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